Curly’s Legacy was established in 2018, with Curtis Ratcliffe as its figurehead. Curtis, or Curly to his friends and family, is a seven year old boy with a range of medical challenges including cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

Curtis Ratcliffe, or Curly to his friends.

His life-limiting prognosis is still defying all odds, with many professionals predicting that Curtis would never even have reached his first birthday.  Bigger and stronger than ever, Curtis loves life and is fortunate enough to take part in a range of life-enriching activities as part of his larger family group, The Ratcliffe Family.

The Ratcliffe Family consist of two dads and four kids – three of whom have special educational needs or disabilities, and all four of whom were adopted from local authority care.  The Ratcliffe Family count themselves as incredibly fortunate as not only having the most awesome kids ever, but they were also blessed to have the BBC’s DIY SOS visit in 2016 to give them their dream, forever home.

Team Ratcliffe.

Pending charity founders Garry and Kyle Ratcliffe both felt now was the time to give something back, and the Curly’s Legacy was born.

A focus on children with Special Education Needs and disabilities, as well as those children in care or adopted from care would be the focus of the family’s work.